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~ Announcing the all-new Continuity Downline Program ~
We are a new Social Media Training Business who has added an Affiliate Program to our Video Training ~Social-X20 Cycler & Forced Matrix.

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Introducing SocialX20 Viral Marketing Platform ....
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SocialX20 combines a high quality Video Training Series for Social Media and a cutting edge Viral Marketing System. Not only will you benefit from the traffic your Viral Marketing System generates, you'll also have an opportunity to receive commissions from sales of the Viral Marketing Training Series as your team grows making SocialX20 a residual income stream!

How it works
A SocialX20 team consists of a Team Captain and a group of 9 or more Team Members. The Team Captain will purchase the Viral Marketing program to lead the team's traffic generation and purchase the top tier Video Training Course. Team Members purchase the Training Course.
This Training Course has phenomenal trainings for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn! The engine that makes it all happen is an exclusive and powerful Viral Marketing software your team uses to attract floods of traffic for any business or program.
It Simply Makes Good Sense To Follow A Winning Formula That Works Every Time!
With our tested and proven traffic machine and simple duplication process your team will finally get the exposure that leads to sign ups. Sign ups produce the income we are all online for!
As a team, we get measurable results with less than 30 minutes of "easy to follow" work per day!

SocialX20 will . . .
~~~> help effectively Brand your team
~~~> give your team's biz opp EXPLOSIVE EXPOSURE on the most engaging Social Media sites
~~~> pay for itself and even be a stream of income as SocialX20 grows

Once put in motion this unique Viral Marketing System keeps working continually to ensure your team members are positioned to pocket profits month after month.
Program longevity and member retention is built in to the brilliant compensation plan. SocialX20 is formulated to grow and prosper over time by training hundreds of teams in simple traffic generation and duplication ~ then making it easy to do.
World Class training, cutting edge software and system, your great team of online biz partners ~ mutual success for all of us!
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